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Priyasha Mohanty- “Dancing empowers me to express my inner emotions”.


ART FEATURED: Odissi dance form 

About Odissi: 

Odissi is traditionally recognized as a dance drama structure in the genre of performing arts. A mythical story, Hindu poem, or spiritual message is sent out through the performance. Expressions and body movements are the two core elements of this dance form.

Expressive Poetry:

Priyasha worships her art form dedicatedly and is very passionate about it too. She reckons that dance is a powerful tool that helps you live through a range of emotions through voluntary body movements  and it lets you create your own bubble. One major source of inspiration for Priyasha is the notion of setting your own mark in this world. The unmatched freedom and happiness dancing gives her is immense and it make her feel empowered from within. Dancing is a medium for her to reconnect with herself and with the stillness and peace this world has to offer. She is relentlessly following her passion by balancing her work facet too. Her passion for dancing ignited again when she once  visited NCPA Mumbai to watch a performance by legendary dancer Guru Sujata Mohapatra. While watching the performance, her eyes were brimming with tears and at that moment, she realized how much she misses the stage. From then on, her journey has been unstoppable, and every day she pushes herself to be the best dancer she can be.

The Backstage Happenings :

The process of creating for her is based on bringing a vision to life. Before choreographing a song  she imagines performing on it with background, costumes, effects, and so on. Trying out different combinations, re-creating old pieces, expression practices are all part of the process.Quality is all that matters. How much invested a person is in her/his art determines the quality of it. Priyasha always creates a piece in her head and later executes it completely. The ultimate goal is to enjoy the process and not feel pressured at any point of time. She always tries to highlight certain steps and movements  which  would connect with the audience and would stay with them in the long run.

Priyasha’s Story:

Priyasha Mohanty is a performing artist trained in Odissi practicing since the age of 3. Dancing sets her soul free and channels her inner emotions. She always felt that the stage was the only place where she is free from worldly restrictions and norms. She tries to maintain a disciplined learning and practicing schedule to deliver the best outcome. The passion of dancing in her is raging fiercely and there’s no stopping by for her. By profession she is a Financial Equities Portfolio Specialist and by passion a suave classical dancer.

A Couple Of Suggestions :

For all the amateurs, Priyasha suggests few things to always keep in mind. First, to never replicate the artists you adore. She elaborates on this by stating that individuality is important and your art form should reflect your flavor. She adds that even if you are re-creating a piece, add your own spice to it. Another aspect that she focuses on is to avoid self-criticism. You should keep on learning and should never compare yourself or your journey to that of others. Social media is a deep pit, make sure to not fall into it. And lastly, she emphasizes the importance of moving out of your comfort zone. Only then, you’ll be able to create magnificent art pieces.

At the end of this section, here’s a quote that keeps Priyasha going even during the most difficult times “Life’s never restricted to having either this or that….you can have it all if you have the will and discipline to chase your dreams. ” She urges everyone to create their own wings and to always aim for the sky.


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