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Figure the right metrics to measure influencer campaigns – 2021


Campaign engagement is the important metric that shows you how effective your influencer marketing campaign is.

The metrics that you should be measuring under campaign engagement are:

1. Is your influencer content likeable?

The amount of likes your posts get determines how people feel about your content. Likes also help create buzz, which can help the posts get more impressions and a larger reach.

To get more likes, your content really needs to be relevant to your audience. It’s important to understand here that, even though your post could get a large number of impressions, it will not get a lot of likes if the content is not relatable. 

It all boils down to creating relevant content and targeting the right audience.

Eg: A fitness influencer, showcasing the newly launched Nike addition while working out on her page and speaks about the comfort that the product gives her, speaks more about relevance rather than the influencer just clicking pictures of the product and asking people to buy it. 

2. Number of comments on the influencer post:

Comments can also help you determine the effectiveness of your campaign. They show you how people are interacting with your content.

Comments help you understand the views of your audience. These comments are important because they come from your potential customers.

There is a huge possibility people might like the content but do not find a reason to engage.

Eg: A Home decor creates engaging content with lifestyle products while she does a live session decorating a space and asks people about what they think about the new product she added today, can persuade people to contribute their thoughts about the product and questions about the features.

3. Are people sharing the content?

Share is the 3rd stage of engagement when you consumer feels the content and product is so relevant that it needs to be showcased to their friends.

Well, if your post is being shared across different networks, it means that your campaign is doing amazing. You should track these shares, and understand what caused people to share your content. Understanding shares will also help you in your future influencer marketing campaigns.

For focusing on share CTA, in most recent days, a good cause and relatable cause content supported by brands have worked out really well for most of the brands.

Having your influencers add calls-to-action that encourage their audiences to like, comment, or share your content is a good way to bring these numbers up.

Do you track any other metrics to determine the success of your influencer marketing campaigns?
Please share them, and any tips you may have in the comments section below.


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