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Journey of becoming Greco-Roman wrestler with all the hard work. – Harpreet Singh


Running and wrestling flowing through his veins, Harpreet Singh stood out with all his best performances and remarkable achievements in wrestling. He is a male Greco-Roman wrestler. Born and brought up in a small village Karail in Punjab, Harpreet Singh not only made his parents proud but the whole India boasted about him.

Since childhood, Harpreet Singh was more into wrestling and less into studies. Extracting all the mastery from His grandfather, who was also a wrestler in his golden times, Harpreet managed to take his first step towards becoming a wonder at the age of 14. He started practising wrestling with full enthusiasm and determination, and that’s how he stroked the base of wrestling.

Wrestling is about both strength and technique. Blending both the traits in his blood, he decided to play his first district tournament at the age of 15. Opening to his first list of accomplishments, he won the gold medal in District. His ongoing hard work and devotion started showing in the media when he won Nationals. For the last ten years, he has won gold medals in Nationals.

Reaching the cliff was never easy for him, but he made sure never to give up and do whatever it takes. Being a vegetarian, his diet was more difficult than everyone else. He explains that an athlete should be punctual with his daily routine practices. Harpreet Singh believes that ‘the only thing standing between you and your goal is your lack of executions’. All his hard work was the reason for reaching the Asian Championship and repeatedly participating for four years and winning medals.Not every time you bring a trophy home, but you definitely get the learnings. You understand where your techniques were wrong. You can learn little from victory. He believes that ‘You can learn something from success, but you can learn a lot from failures’. Harpreet learnt from his failures and worked on it to become flawless. 

Harpreet Singh remembers the time when he won the Commonwealth Championship in 2016 and 2017—and currently is preparing for the next Commonwealth. Today whenever he goes to his village, a crowd gathers to welcome him with full excitement and respect. He wants to inspire and teach the youth one day.

Being a famous wrestler, he is also a police officer in Punjab Police. Harpreet Singh had already made his backup plan, and if wrestling doesn’t work in future, then he can get to work. He is just not restricted to wrestling; he is also a horse rider. And whenever he is unoccupied, he makes his way towards the stable and spends his time with the horses.

Harpreet Singh believes that everything is possible with hard work. The only mantra that he wants everyone to follow is that ‘People who can’t stand to see the success of others will never experience their own’.


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