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Influencer and a true inspiration, Rakesh Udiyar is the new leading Men’s Health personal...

Rakesh finds inspiration in the song Mumbai Meri Jaan, one of his favorite songs. Having struggled and been through many hardships, at the age of 40, Rakesh is an inspiration to many who struggle in many life stages before reaching success and fulfilling their dreams.

Rising From the Ashes – Harmilan Bains

Harmilan achieved great heights at the junior level, making people question if she could go beyond that. Despite facing life-threatening difficulties, Harmilan bounced back, stronger than ever.

The Fitness Inspiration ‘Muscle Mom’– Mamatha

Bodybuilding is generally viewed as an arena for men. But fitness expert Mamatha has followed her passion and is a female bodybuilder in Bangalore. She is also a mom and has a massive following on Instagram. She is an actress as well and has appeared in movies and TV shows.

Journey of becoming Greco-Roman wrestler with all the hard work. – Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh started his journey from a small village in Punjab, and grabbed the medals in all tournaments. Harpreet Singh marked an incredible journey of evolving as the Greco-Roman wrestler with all the hard work.

The Other Name for Success through Hard Work! – Shadab Malik

From being an obese child to rising out with finely chiselled body, Shadab has endured a fulfilling journey towards the road to fitness.

The New Age Fitness Guru – Hemant Kumar

Hemant Kumar is a fitness expert and his niche is bodyweight training, movement training, calisthenics, and animal flow. With dedication and practice, he has mastered his art of fitness and has a massive following on Instagram. His engaging content has helped him gain the trust of his followers as a leading fitness influencer.

Simplifying fitness for you! – Yash Dubey

A self learned fitness enthusiast, trainer, software engineer and entrepreneur, Yash juggles through and is consistent everywhere! Fitness for him is simplistic, he does what he loves and is an ace at it. Read through to decode fitness for yourself.

“My Dumbells Are Sharper than Red Lipstick” – SREEYA IYER.

Sreeya Iyer has always believed in herself and her fitness regime. From learning the work out from various people to now training a mass of people and inspiring everyday.

“A Nutritious Tale” – Divya Sobti

From being an obese child to now training a thousand people to be fit and healthy. Divya Sobti has sure endured a Robust journey.

A Winner despite all odds – Ekta Khetan

Ekta is strong and beautiful. From overcoming the biggest accident of her life where she lost her one foot. She still evolved into a successful lifestyle blogger with keeping the winning attitude always in her mind.

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