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Asokavadhani – Bharatanatyam Is My Medium To Seek Solace


Art Featured: Bharatanatyam – Indian classical dance

Art Form In General: 

Bharatanatyam is an age-old Indian classical dance form. It was prevalent in ancient Tamil Nadu and it is purely based on Natya Shastra. It is one of the most popular and widely practiced forms of dance in India. 

Asokavadhani’s Inspirational Reveries:

When asked about the inspiration that led her to create this beautiful artwork, Asokavadhani has sublime insights to share. She describes that she is a socially reserved person and for her dance has become a comfortable space to connect. She loves speaking through her dance and she pushes herself every day to be better at it. For her, this medium has become immensely pleasurable and explorative through the idea of repetition.

Asokavadhani has been training and sharpening her skills for 20 years now, but it never leaves her bored as she actively practices to bring out the best in herself .One remarkable aspect here is that practicing helps her observe her body responses and state of mind better. She keeps monitering her growth and strives to be better the next day. Through repetition, she lays down endless possibilities for new ideas and outcomes. Dance to her is a form of worship and also her home.

The Continuous Process:

Asokavadhani set her foot in this field rather unexpectedly.As a kid, she started learning as a co curricular activity. Initially, it was not a conscious choice. She went to classes and practiced everyday as she enjoyed “movement “. Later, in her teenage years, she realized that she had a knack for performing and wanted to pursue it for a lifetime. She then dedicatedly started practicing and honing her skills. She owes her initial years to Guru Dhalia Sagyaraj who sculpted the dancer in her and infused the passion. With training and practice, she understood her body  and her state of mind intricately. The underlying need to feel and to be better in life is charged in her by her dance form.

About The Graceful Artist:

Asokavadhani is a performing artist trained in Bharatanatyam. As a kid, she was always active and excitable. She was always jumpy and wouldn’t sit still for a minute together. She moved to Bangalore after completing her Master’s in Applied Geology to intensify her Bharatanatyam training with Guru Rukmini Vijayakumar. Eventually, she became a part of Rukmini Vijayakumar’s Raadha Kalpa Dance Academy  where she trained, performed and taught other students, under her teacher’s guidance. This milestone marked the beginning of her professional journey.


Asokavadhani has won prestigious awards and recognition for her beautiful artform. She is awarded a scholarship by  the Centre of Cultural Resources and Training and NCERT for excellence in the field of art – Bharatanatyam. She has also earned a scholarship by the Ministry of Culture and was recognized as the Best Choreographer of 2013 in the BSNL annual cultural meet, Bangalore.

For All Budding Artists: 

She has a cent or two to suggest upcoming artists. She recommends everyone to be true to themselves and accept where you stand. According to her this creates a willingness in oneself, to learn, unlearn, change and be better. 

As we conclude, here is a quote very close to her heart, 

“If you are deeply involved with even the simplest aspect of your life, you will see every  simplest aspect of your life spectacular” – Sadhguru.

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