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Sewing life with nine necks of her influential palm- Namrata Raha


Turning a house into a ‘home’, only a few are blessed with this skill. Here Namrata, from Bihar specifically takes care of every vertex of her ‘home’. Her Instagram is a small case of all her creativity. We can take a quick tour of her home.

Namrata is a happy soul, and it’s true that ‘behind every sweet smile, there is a bitter sadness that no one can ever see and feel’. At a very young age, Namrata and her brother were sent to a hostel due to their mother’s medical conditions. From tending herself to choosing her stream in 12th, Namrata has always been her guardian angel.

In 2000, Namrata’s mother died due to depression at the same time Namrata was on the school trip. For once lost socks can be found, but a lost person can never be found around.

Namrata thinks that ‘You can be brave, you can be strong. Even here in the season of storms’. Tons of duties were burdened on her tender shoulders, but she didn’t lack anywhere. She pursued her Account Honors and was also supervising the house chores.

Namrata and her brother came to Delhi for their further studies. Before enrolling herself into a college, she worked in a Call centre for six months to be self-sufficient. She pursued her PG Diploma in Radio and Television production from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan.

One fine day, Namrata was getting off the bus, and she fell off. Seems to be a minor accident but it was not, the damage on her right-hand finger came out to be a bone tumour due to which the doctors had to subtract her finger which was infected.

Namrata is merrily living with her nine fingers. The day you will start loving yourself, positivity will run in your veins. And you will just hold up a smile on your face.

Sooner, she stepped in an NGO of Wildlife Protection. For six years, she acknowledged her job without any stop. But suddenly at night, she starts retching blood, which again was a hint of threat.

After consulting the doctors of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, she was told that her tumour had been circulated in both her lungs. This was a new case for doctors as well. In November and December 2010, she got her operations done and now is perfectly fit today.

While healing, she got married to her boyfriend, who never left her side through all her ups and downs. After marriage, she got a job in a TATA Trust NGO, which was her dream job. But due to her slight health issues, she left her job. She understands that ‘Health should be more vital than Wealth’.

She started working part-time as a communication consultant. And in all her free time, she used to scroll her Instagram and there she came across home decor. She got inclined towards creativity and art.

Namrata initiated her account on Instagram, which is growing with decent followers and still counting. ‘9byNamrata’ is a tale of art constructed by 9 fingers. She moulded her struggles into her strength. Not only her own house, but she started scattering colors in many more houses.

Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. Her placidity helped her to reach here. She never gave up in life, and she believes that ‘This is just a difficult phase and it will pass’.Message to people, Namrata says, “Every person needs to have a second plan in life, so when it falls apart you can rely on plan B. When you have to contribute for your family, a job with a steady income is necessary.”


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