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Fashion and Makeup Inspiration – Nikita Verma


Childhood and Growing Up

Nikita belongs to Bihar originally but she is currently in Delhi. In 6th grade, she moved to Nepal and took her 10th exams there. Then she came to Delhi and studied in a boarding school till 12th grade. She enrolled in a college in Delhi. As a child, she loved academics and spent most of her time studying.

Family support

Initially, Nikita’s family did not understand her career as an influencer. However, since the lockdown started in March, she has been living with her parents. She has made her parents understand how her career works, but they still want her to have a secure job. Her parents are government employees and want Nikita to have a fixed and stable income.

Career as an Influencer

Nikita started by posting content about fashion and OOTD. She got her first collaboration when she had 2000 followers. As her following grew, she got more brand collaborations like L’Oreal. This is when she seriously decided to pursue this as a career.

Personal transformation

Nikita used to be overweight during school and experienced body shaming. Once she joined college, she started visiting a gym regularly and lost weight. She became a lot more confident, and this is when her love for beauty and fashion also got more expression.

Challenges During Lockdown

The lockdown has been particularly challenging for Nikita. She cannot go to events and therefore resources are strapped. Also, there is a lack of locations to do photoshoots. She is restricted to her room and terrace. She cannot dress however she wants as she has been quarantining with her family in Bihar and people are quite conservative there. She is also a final-year student and has a lot of assignments to complete. Her life in Delhi was very free and different and during the lockdown, she has been restricted. However, she is grateful that she got to be with her family during the lockdown.

Ethos for Collaborations

Nikita collaborates with a lot of brands on Instagram. However, she mostly advertises products she uses or believes in. Before promoting a product, she likes to use it for at least a week to know about the quality before recommending it to her followers. She has done many Instagram Live videos with brands, dermatologists, and fans too.

Future plans

Nikita stays focused on short-term goals. She wants to finish her degree with good grades. Then she wants to focus fully on her influencer career. Her long-term goal is to be an Entrepreneur. But to understand business, she wants to do an MBA and assemble a team and have her own brand.

Advice to Readers

Nikita’s advice to people who want to blog and become influencers is to focus on content over followers. The page should be attractive. In the initial phases, no one should be disheartened if they don’t get brand collaborations. One can reach out to brands they want to collaborate with as well. She believes that it is important to follow one’s passion and not give in to pressures.


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