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Lifting smiles, capturing time and belting his favourite songs- Kabir Bharara


“The first wealth is health.” says Ralph Waldo Emerson, a legendary poet. This can’t hold more true for Kabir Bharara, a terrific fitness expert, breath-taking photographer and to our delight, even a talented singer!

His fitness journey first began, when he shifted to the United States in 2013, at the meagre age of eighteen years. His mother received an enticing job opportunity there, which she optimally accepted. This ultimately meant leaving behind his group of companions and thrilling social life.

After being in the United States, Kabir felt alone, since he needed to start a new life, without his friends or fun gatherings. It was definitely a blessing in disguise! As, this gave him plenty of available time in his schedule, which he used wisely. Spending six days a week in the gym and seven hours reading books on fitness. One would say, he became a master. Not only is he an ISSA Certified coach, as well as nutritionist, but he also aims to share all his incredible knowledge with the world!

Besides fitness, Kabir is brilliant at photography. He cites a generation who relied on impressive Facebook profile pictures. During this trending era, he was approached to capture a unique profiler. While at the gym, he would ask his fitness folks to pose and did not charge them a penny. A popular photographer suggested he makes it a business.

Therefore, Kabir ventured on shooting photos for advertisements, with low costs. Gradually, his client portfolios increased to birthdays and weddings, as well as prices highly escalated. He is truly grateful to make his hobby of photography, one of his soaring professions.

It’s not only his photography that gets captured, but also his heart to fiancé, Annabel Dasilva. She’s lived in India for five years, an elegant fitness model and an excellent pro card holder, after competing in International Health, Sports and Fitness Festivals, renowned in Delhi alongside Mumbai.

Thereafter, the Indian Federation sent her to the United States to watch the Olympia. Her opportunities grew as she was even sent to Vegas on a free trip and met Kabir, who was sent by a company to film their athlete. After returning to the United States, he suggested she retains her Indian clients, as well as coaches them online. Hence, they began On A Mission, a joint fitness collaboration. It has been active since February 2020 and has a phenomenal member base of forty members.

The perks of the organisation are you have full time access to both of them, they answer every query in just a few hours and people from across the globe such as Australia, Canada, London as well as India are part of the dynamic program.

When he talks about his followers, he mentions some are from fitness and some, unfailingly through singing. He recounts the time his transformational pictures were featured on the handles of two famous fitness personalities.

Kabir was incorporated in three bands. He played at numerous societies and colleges, as well as competed at talent shows. At twelve, he commenced playing the guitar. In his junior college years, he offered backing vocals. Now that he’s much older, he gathered singing lessons from Ajinkya Pusalkar, on skype for six months, which makes him float on a ton of confidence.

His two major motivators behind singing are his grandfather and mother. He reminisces with his grandpa in the balcony, every evening who would spend time playing music for three hours. His mother also lovesto sing. It’s in his genes and would undoubtedly rock the song, Billie Jean.

He’s currently pursuing his masters in business and with the present background, he yearns to search for fresh opportunities. As a child, he would discover rare products and contemplate on creative modes to sell them, as well as RayBan sunglasses or Louis Vouitton copies. He aspires to generate a supplement company or be an athlete manager, by sending Indians abroad to MNC companies, promoting their devices and Indians acquiring exposure.

His final advice is to have big goals and dreams, do not settle, but stay realistic. Do not enter body building just to make money. If you’re the champion of a competition, all you win is a medal. It’s after five shows, that you receive an adequate sum. There’s nothing wrong with being number one in the show. However, do not make it the only source of income. Ensure you find opportunities surrounding it. He’s filled with sorrow to see dreams being crushed, when people sacrifice their jobs or spend unnecessarily. Put every effort into what you love and reap the best results.

He believes the bonds formed in India are intimate and warm. There’s depth in friendships. He will love to go back and forth, once he establishes a wonderful business. We wish him the very best and encourage Kabir with our wholehearted support! 


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