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Maintaining A Straightforward Approach to Fitness – Harshit Singh


When there are thousands of people out there looking up to you for a positive remark on fashion and lifestyle, you must very cautiously play your role as an influencer. Well, this was the primary motive of Instagram fitness influencer and bodybuilder Harshit that made him a well-known name in the fraternity of fitness-fanatics. He was always interested in living a diversified lifestyle that would allow him to focus on his work without being worried about general health issues.

Interestingly, Harshit doesn’t see himself as a complete social media influencer because he doesn’t create anything specific to post on Instagram. He believes in sharing every possible detail that his followers might use to efficiently boost their health regime. Instead of posting cliché wellness tricks, he just makes sure to keep it simple and attainable so anyone can corporate those ideas into their routine.

Harshit also mentions that he never intended to become an influencer on such an extensive social media platform. He started participating in sports and activities when he was in school. During college, he started sharing his zest for sports and fitness on social networking sites, and that’s how he received so many followers over the years. He is also looking forward to commence a YouTube channel where he will elaborate on numerous fitness practices for his audience.

Don’t Overlook the Essential Aspects of Life while Following the Passion.

Harshit was a bright student, and mathematics was his favourite subject in school. Fortunately, his parents never pressured him to become an engineer or a doctor. Since he was extricated from the typical burden of choosing a specific profession, he chose business administration as his major stream for higher education and secured a job in the corporate sector. He consumed his free time pursuing something that he always loved – fitness.

Harshit explains that following your passion should never come in the way of getting a proper education. Education, professional training, and a finely maintained work-life balance  maybe  are some of the most vital aspects of life, and you must never ignore these things in the wake of following your passion blindly. If you are keen enough to do what you love, you will somehow manage to jiggle between your passion and responsibilities.

Being Particular to Your Opinions Raises the Bars of Your Credibility

There are plenty of fashion and fitness brands that constantly approach Harshit to collaborate for endorsements. But he is very particular to his opinions and never approves of a brand without testing it first by himself. He states that those who follow him on Instagram rely on his opinions and therefore, he ensures to share real information with them. If there is something that he doesn’t agree upon, he declines to accept the collaboration.

Harshit says that some influencers try to glorify the supremacy of a known brand over authentic practices. That’s one thing that he can never go for because sticking to your belief over the paid collaborations boosts your credibility. If there is a group or a community of people who bestow you with their faith, you are bound to feel responsible towards them. That’s how you bring authenticity to your creations.


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