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When People Relate To You; More Than A Content Creator, They See You As A Friend – Raghu Gowda


Life never really begins for you until you start living it. It has not just been Raghu Gowda’s philosophy but also his first-hand experience. From losing his parents at a young age to creating content that helps thousands of people cope with their daily life, Raghu Gowda has already lived the life that most of us couldn’t even dream of. 

Today, Raghu is a multi-faceted content creator who can write, act, direct, and do just about anything else, but things weren’t always this way. In his early days, he recollects being a huge bookworm. A studious young Raghu studied at Florence High School and was an academic scholar who scored excellent marks right up until tenth grade.

Soon after, things changed drastically. Now that Raghu was out of the strict school environment, he was free from his uniform and could soar high. Early on in his college days, writing fascinated him much, and he even took part in various poetry competitions. His hidden talents kept surfacing as he soon got the chance to direct a college skit where he realized that he had a knack for writing and directing.

This upward slope was a massive boost for him, but soon later, he found himself working for Wipro while maintaining a steady online presence on social media. The online game was especially challenging for Raghu’s generation creators as they kept learning, and social media kept changing every day. Within just a few years, things had gone from Orkut to Facebook to Instagram and TikTok. Thankfully, Raghu had always been versatile, and he always adapted to his situation, be it good or bad. While creating content, Raghu realized that only he can bring out the emotions that he wanted on screen, and this is when he discovered his talent as an actor. For a long time, Raghu was oblivious to the potential he had. As he prepared for married life in 2015, he was convinced that this is where his journey would peak, and he would soon have to be a ‘dutiful’ husband. Much to his surprise, his journey truly began after his marriage. He soon realized that he had to go out there in the real world and garner real experiences to make consistent quality content. Over the last few months in this pandemic, Raghu’s life has gotten even better as he’s gained more than 100 thousand Instagram followers, and thousands of TikTok and Youtube following as well. The credit for this goes solely to a dedicated Raghu who was ardent on making the best of this lockdown by uploading videos almost every day. 

Raghu believes that people will notice you when you can give unique quality content and keep delivering consistently. It is easy for a video or two to go viral but maintaining that level requires persistence. The versatile artist also has a knack for music as he appreciates soulful A.R Rahman tunes whenever he could use some motivation. The song Kun Faya from Rockstar is one of his all-time favourites, and he listens to it whenever he’s in search of peace and tranquillity. 


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