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With Durg Naad, It’s Always An Awesome Adventure & An Adrenaline Rush Guaranteed – Neil


Neil is born in Pune, Maharashtra. He’s an accomplished automobile engineer, while simultaneously running a successful business. He’s proactive and plans for the future. The team consists of diverse members, each bringing their best foot forward. They’re talented in their own ways, whether photographing their thrilling trek spots or designing an attractive logo.

They would focus on college during the week and grasp opportunities during the weekends to set sail for trekking. They desired the local experience and hence utilized public transport to travel for their treks. The journey is at least seven hours long, truly a survival of the fittest!

The name Durg Naad translates to fort and habit. Their purpose is to leave a history of heritage for future generations. Some of these buildings stay largely unnoticed. When they trek, the aims are to clean up forts as well as plant trees to encourage a healthy green habitat.

For safety, they generate a message on WhatsApp prior to the trek asking to bring caps, water, etc. They utilise walky-talkies for co-ordination as well as ensure one lead from the front, another is in between so that he doesn’t lose the crowd, and the third organizer trails last to help the ones ahead.

They’ve achieved commendable success, through one hundred and a thirty treks in just three years. Their families have become much more supportive after all these years of hard-work and dedication. Their Instagram journey is remarkable, beginning in 2017, when they received a re-post. Their growth soared by a thorough understanding of algorithms.

They refuse to restrict their treks to Maharashtra and keenly look ahead to witnessing the lovely sights of Uttarakhand, Hampi, Ladakh as well as Ketti Valley. Their most memorable trip was on 26th March 2017 when they climbed Kalsubai, the highest peak in Maharashtra.

They strove to face numerous challenges. One such example was a trek to Harischandragad , when a twenty-year old boy expressed his disability of carrying on saying he has night blindness. He couldn’t be left behind, the organiser guided him back to the bus and joined the remaining trekkers soon enough.

Another instance was a trek that required knowledge in rock-climbing and rappling. Some people struggled, again an organiser lifted at least fifteen of them onto stable ground. Needless to say, he was exhausted! Their ultimate advice is travel as much as often, since you have only one life. If you embark on a solo trip, always inform your loved one’s. Going on a trek alone, comes with confidence and experience. Remember to take your precautions because life is most important.


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