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Creating a visionary of street food through his lens : Lokesh Kumar


An engineer who left his job to follow his passion is what Lokesh’s life story unfolds. Enjoying food and photography at its best, Lokesh, through his pages, intends to glorify street food and offer the much-needed awareness that it deserves!A photographer by passion and an Engineer by choice, Lokesh Kumar tout to be a food explorer with a vision. His friends recommended him to try out food blogging, knowing his passion for food and photography. Ending his ten years journey in the IT sector, Lokesh decided to bring the best of two worlds and start his social media journey. Through his food channel, ‘Foodie Dilse,’ he is currently operating across all eminent social media platforms while endeavoring on a delectable journey and by choice!

A globe trotter by soul, Lokesh loves exploring new countries and has already visited as many as 10-15 countries until now. Inspired by his fellow blogger mates, Lokesh started posting food photographs online across platforms and eagerly for reviews. No sooner did he begin gaining a good response, and within as less as six months, Lokesh managed to gain a strong online presence.

Motivated enough, he soon bought his camera to shoot photographs, professional enough to bag the attention of all. He captured street food and brought life to the food items that usually do not gain much attention. What differentiates him from the rest is his love for street food and for uplifting the chain.

He believes in leveraging the popularity of local street food vendors, who do not have any promotional page across mobile applications. Hence, whenever he visits, he instantly uploads a picture and the location on his page, with a brief for his followers to know of the place. So through his page, Foodie Dilse, he not only intends to glorify fancy photographs of eminent brands and restaurants, but also up-scale local vendors offering equally delicious food items.
With time, he started gaining the support of his family, who were initially not confident enough about his idea of social media marketing. With Foodie Dilse being one big family of around 147K followers and growing, Lokesh’s parents approve of the profession and stand by his decision of following his passion.

As a Punjabi by birth, Lokesh loves Punjabi cuisine and has a unique taste bud for Chinese and Japanese cuisine. A lover of Thai curry and prawns, he loves exploring Asian cuisines. Although he likes exploring food, however, he still wishes to come back to his favourite restaurants, for the love of finding the good old taste.

With a strong sense of food, Lokesh also likes exploring the kitchen cooking a few favourites of his and his parents. Referring to cooking channels and recipes online on YouTube, Lokesh explores another side of him in the kitchen.

Been visiting food chains for ten years now, Lokesh has gained a strong taste of varying dishes and cuisines. Inculcating the knowledge of food and its taste, he offers feedback to food chains accordingly. Moreover, based on the understanding and the taste, he provides ratings for restaurants, cafes, and similar food hubs. A lover of spicy food and having a sweet tooth, Lokesh loves exploring unique dishes and cuisines worldwide.

Having opened a restaurant under partnership since August 2017, Lokesh intends to take his restaurant forward while exploring the best of world cuisines available. Collaborating with several brands online, Lokesh soon plans to launch his YouTube channel and vision street food to viewers worldwide.


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