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An Inspiration to Those Who Dare to Dream – Anish

Anish is a young stock market trader and trainer with a lot of zeal and passion for this field. His go-getter attitude and to keep trying umpteen times till he succeeded has made him a successful person. Today, he helps others with his knowledge and experience of his journey.

Give it up to the strength of a self-made woman – Shruti Sharma

Little did a simple girl from a Punjabi family know that she was going in for the rollercoaster ride for real in life when she was partaking in all the extra-curricular activities at school! A talkative, friendly, and very social Shruti Sharma is a celebrity anchor, writer, and storyteller whose story goes like this

Preserve And Thrive -Sachin Shigwan

Sachin’s dream of going green and preserving the nature came true with his hardwork and determination. His company is painting the world with knowledge and is also conserving for future generations.

With Durg Naad, It’s Always An Awesome Adventure & An Adrenaline Rush Guaranteed –...

Neil and his team of Durg Naad are exceptional trekkers, their memorable journey kick-started in college and today inspire a large crowd. They’ve met with challenges along their way, but always found solutions to solve them. In the coming years, they wish to expand outside Maharashtra and believe safety comes first!

An Enterprising Gem of our Generation – Shrey Arora

Shrey Arora , A business enthusiast with an entrepreneurial mindset , shares his words of wisdom with us.His vast knowledge about different business models that make or break a brand has allowed him to set out on his own startup journey

“To Start With Whatever You Have, Make The Best Use Of It.”- Deepak Bajaj

Deepak Bajaj is a guide for entrepreneurs which also encourages youth empowerment. His work is inspiring lakhs with an entrepreneur spirit before making the entrepreneur from outside.

From Gamer to an Entrepreneur | Gnana Shekar Reddy

Explore the world of Gnana Shekar Reddy, whose love for gaming took him on a path from professional gamer to a serial entrepreneur

The Hustle of Pooja Vyaas: A True Inspiration to Youth and Women

The very first person to introduce the concept of personality development in Surat, Pooja Vyaas has been an achiever and hustler from the age of 17 when teenagers are distracted with college life frolic.

Ageing Gracefully, Learning Constantly, Living Fully! – Anuradha Kapoor

Anuradhas drive towards enterprising her talent, and being a positive influence is thriving and how! A home decor expert, a nature lover and a breath of fresh air, she is everything at 59. Read about her journey of eternal learning and positivity below.

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