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Simplifying fitness for you! – Yash Dubey


Running has got to be one activity that most of us shy away from! Unlike Yash Dubey, a fitness enthusiast, a trainer with an Instagram following of over 58K and founder of YouTube channel called, Athletic India. “Running”, for him, “is meditation.”

Along with studies, Yash remembers also being inclined towards sports since his early days. “Looking forward to always performing my best in a game”, and not just being excited about winning it. This has been his philosophy, always. Yash felt refreshed after a good game of cricket and some running during his engineering days.

A lean kid, he decided to take it up a notch by gym training. Thoroughly enjoying this, he tried powerlifting as well. Yash scored a promising job in Hyderabad as a Software Engineer and is successfully balancing his fitness and professional goals! After having gained an admirable physique, Yash’s next goal was to share the gems of fitness knowledge he had acquired.

Hence started his Instagram page, Athletic India. With the sole aim to help people and communicate his knowledge across, Yash has been sharing everything he knows about fitness.

He is an avid follower of Virat Kohli, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ronaldo. Not only because they are great athletes with tremendous careers, but Yash also admires them because they practice “real fitness”, according to him. With a perfect harmony of functional training, weight training and cardio!

Yash abides by similar fitness rules and reckons that one must never change their inherent practices. He recalls having to eat meat to gain weight and not being contented with consuming it, so he gave it up. He now eats the regular Indian Veg Thali and balances it with protein-rich, low-carb and high vitamin content food. In fact, Yash also adds “Try to eat clean when you’re alone and start with doing what you love”. It could be playing your favourite sport, or simply running.

A lot of what Yash has gained is through his consistency! Despite all of it; a job, an Instagram page where he posts and attends inquiries regularly, and personally training clients, Yash has managed to religiously work out every day, since over a year. His YouTube and Instagram are full of his daily workout videos. He’s grateful of his friend who was there through thick and thin shooting content for him.

Evidently, Yash’s belief of doing what you know and enjoying it, has made him realise people, too, seek something simple. He wants to make fitness affordable and more generic for his clients through Athletic India. Yash and his team want to “provide the best we can at the lowest!” Currently operating through Telegram, Yash wants his clients to have a frictionless experience and pursues to continually improve it.

Yash has made it a point to challenge himself and be his own competition. On similar lines, to people who want to achieve anything in life, he suggests, “Push your own truth and be consistent with what you do!”yash


  1. His own journey sounds good. But, he is inexperienced. Maybe he is too young to know everything about fitness and diet. I would advice him to undergo a course on diet and nutrition and then advice people. His diet plan is nothing but a sheet(Shit) of moongs and daals. Or at least he should hire a dietitian who could help him make better money. Best wishes.

  2. I’m following his channel and he’s really putting lot of effort but nutrition part is something which I don’t agree with him, he’s still very inexperienced in this and you cannot put on healthy mass just eating dal and lentil, anyway best of luck


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