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An Inspirational Mom – Prerna Sinha


Prerna hails from a small town. She used to love dance and took up athletics as a child. This was a turning point for Prerna because she had been a sick child before she had taken up sports. However, after deciding to become an athlete, she felt her immunity improve, and her health took a turn for the better. She motivated herself to do well in school since grade 8 and always scored well.

In college, she made a switch from a science background to enroll in Economics Honours. She didn’t participate in a lot of extracurriculars in college. Prerna says that everything significant in her life has happened since she became a mother. Motherhood gave her the push and drive to do more things and be better. All the things that she had not done as a child, she wants to do now that she is in a better place.

Starting her journey

After she had a baby, Prerna gained a lot of weight. She didn’t feel good about herself and wanted to lose weight desperately. Once she lost the weight, she got into fitness because she didn’t want to give up exercising. One of her bucketlist achievements that she completed was running a 42k marathon in 2019. She picked up yoga in her late 30s and became a yoga teacher too.

Advice for beginners

Prerna understands that many people who are starting their fitness journey often get demotivated because they don’t see results. But people often look at the wrong measures. Prerna says that she also made the mistake of thinking the weighing scale would show her true progress. She believes that everyone, especially while starting, should have a personal trainer or a gym buddy.

Career struggles

Prerna has been a blogger and vlogger for 9 years. She faced major struggles when she had her first baby. She was always zoned out and didn’t know what content to create.

Her family has always been supportive. Her kids are now grown up, and they enjoy her work and sometimes participate in her content creation. She has had to struggle to make her own mark. Since she became well-known, she has been a role-model to thousands of women. She always wants to inspire women and tries to finish everything she starts.

It is easy to get demotivated and feel out of ideas, isn’t it? On days like that, Prerna just likes to Netflix and chill. She also believes in talking to friends because a third person’s perspective always helps.

Relationship with her kids

Prerna’s first few weeks as a mom were very difficult. She was depressed, and then she decided to take up fitness and things changed for the better. Her elder son is 14. He has a busy schedule, and they often disagree on certain subjects. Her younger son is 9 years old, and he is always willing to help Prerna. He always understands her mood and is willing to comfort her. The lockdown has brought her closer to her elder son. 

When Prerna started vlogging, she didn’t have many people to take inspiration from. There weren’t many mom bloggers.  She wanted to share her experience because there was no one writing about these issues in 2007. And, she has certainly made a difference.


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