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An Inspirational Mom Who Beats Every Hurdle – Urbasi Chowdhury


The most prominent thing about her childhood was having a twin brother. He has been an integral part of her life. She loved participating in activities like singing, drawing, dancing, debating, etc. She was brought up in Bombay, but she is a hardcore Bengali.


Urbasi is inspired by her mother, who inspired Urbasi to always care for how she looks. This is where she developed her interest in fashion. Her interest in corporate fashion developed due to her being inspired by her manager at her first job. She always dressed well, and that influenced Urbasi to style herself well too. Her mother is a woman of very strong morals and doesn’t let anyone judge her. She has taught Urbasi that what society says doesn’t matter.


Urbasi always felt that she was judged for dressing well and coloring her hair. The manager of her tuition class in 12th grade had created a ruckus because she had coloured her hair and claimed that she wasn’t studying without looking at her performance. Though such social stigma is common, Urbasi felt insulted and hurt and expressed herself to her mother. Urbasi learned it the hard way that it didn’t matter what people said as long one knows what is important and what deserves attention. Urbasi doesn’t wear anything that shows she is married. 

This is something that society judges, but Urbasi believes that no one needs to prove anything as long as they are true. Her in-laws took issue with this, but she has managed to explain the reason to them over time.


Growing up in a Bengali family, the only career options are being a doctor or engineer. As a child, she loved visiting construction sites where her father worked. She pursued civil engineering, which is a rare choice for many women engineers. She did her Master’s in Construction Management, and then she started working as a quality manager for construction companies. She did it for 8 years in Bombay. 

This was when her husband decided to shift to Dubai. There was a rough patch for a few months. He was not happy with his job, and she didn’t have a job either. She started a blog and then started posting on social media. She started with corporate fashion and then moved on to mom blogging.


Urbasi has always been supported by her mother greatly. The first person she shows her videos to is her mother. She has very few friends who are supportive and honest. They provide her with constructive criticism that helps her improve her content.

Relationship with family

Urbasi is very close to her daughter Aador. Her posts featuring Aador on social media get a lot of engagement. She doesn’t want to be a parent who pressurizes her child. She wants her child to be happy doing what she does. Her husband Krish is also very supportive and helpful. He is calm and keeps her grounded. The lockdown has taught her to be grateful for whatever one has.

Impact of working out

Urbasi started working out a few days ago, and she hasn’t lost weight, but she feels a positive burst of energy. Having a clean face and having nails done, having neat hair has always given her a boost of confidence when creating content.

Advice to readers

It is important to do something that sparks joy. It can be one’s job, singing, gardening, etc. It is important to take care of oneself and always be mindful about your mental health.  


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