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Ishna Batra- The Journey of A Mother of Two and How She Became A Mom Blogger


Personal Life

Ishna was a bookworm when she was young. She was a science student in higher secondary but graduated with BA Honours in Business Studies. She followed that up by studying brand management and marketing in London.

Ishna And Her Instagram Journey

Ishna began her Instagram page in 2017 when mom influencers were not yet a trend. However, her visit to the US and time spent on a cruise made her think about mom blogging. Her Instagram page is a combination of monetisation and sharing informative content. Since she started sharing parenting content, it has been an incredible journey for Ishna. Ishna is also fond of fashion, travel, fitness, and much more.

Engagement With Followers

“Being real and staying true to your audience will help you connect with them,” says Ishna. She believes in staying honest to her audience. Whatever products she promotes on her page are tried and tested, and she shares her honest feedback and experience about them. This is why her followers support her and stay engaged.


Ishna has enjoyed wonderful associations with several brands. She travelled to Mumbai for a paid collaboration and stayed in Grand Hyatt for two days. She also had the opportunity to collaborate with multiple fashion and travel bloggers.


One of the biggest achievements that Ishna lovingly recalls was when she was chosen as the only representative from the mom blogging fraternity to travel for promoting a brand. She also had the opportunity to collaborate with Bridal Asia, among others. She feels “incredibly honoured” to have collaborated with some of the top brands.


“It’s been a great struggle. It’s been a failure and then rising learning from your mistakes,” remarks Ishna. When Ishna started out, there were not many mom bloggers, and she learned from her experiences.

She maintains that being a working mom of two is hard work. However, work from home gives her the freedom to do things at her own pace. She finds ways to manage her professional life by working when her kids are sleeping or busy. Motherhood is challenging, but it’s beautiful at the same time. You juggle between parenting and work, but you get things done, she says.

Ishna and Her Loving Bond With Her Kids

Ishna states, “Mama’s lifestyle exists because of my kids.” It was Ishna’s first daughter that encouraged her to share her journey. The bond a mother has with her kids is the best because it’s unconditional and pure.

Ishna on Handling Criticism

“Criticism will be everywhere, but you have to keep looking straight ahead,” says Ishna. You must look at the brighter side. There are many well-wishers you may not be aware of, who want the best for you.

One Piece of Advice from Ishna to Upcoming Creators

“Do things from your heart, be true to yourself, be authentic, and work hard. Do what you love, and love what you do,” is Ishna’s message for creators who wish to follow this path. She adds that all new influencers must be patient with their journey. “Nothing happens overnight,” Ishna advises.


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