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Dubai’s most loved comedian – Nitinn R Miranni


Was it a platter placed in front of him, or does he have to go through the plethora of events to reach a stage to become a popular influencer?

Nitinn R Miranni, the name goes by with a lot of charisma! Dubai’s most loved comedian is an Indian based middle eastern comedy star. Born in Mumbai and brought up in Dubai, life has not been easy, be it India or Dubai. It takes a road not traveled by many to be a successful person. Somewhat, Nitinn shares parts of his life of how he managed to turn the tables. He makes sure to advise others to enjoy college life, which unfortunately he could not ask for as a correspondent student.

Nitinn thinks about how much weight and learning do the studies hold and how parenting is an important aspect of our society. “Children are born according to the parents’ convenience,” as he highlights the family’s stereotype tradition of bringing up the child. Furthermore, an enlightening talk on individuals and their own identity is the key factor of development. The stereotype of traditional parents needs to meet the logic so bringing up is not just another tick in the box but a real responsibility. All along his journey, one thing that he never left was his hope and the habit of hanging around, and that is the real definition of a hustler. Crafting the idea of stage shows was not planned all the way, but being at the right place and the right time with the perfect balance of creativity has done wonders for him. It is rightly asked to think out of the box, and Nitinn personally sets up those boxes and brings the creativity out of them. 

For him, the kick is to make the people around you proud to get yourself fielded up before the show. Being a choreographer to a stand-up comedian, one needs to earn respect being in that profession. It is not easy to earn a name as a stand-up comedian until one owns up the stage and has a momentary audience connection. It takes a lot to stand up among the haters and the people who criticize. Well, fortunately, the ball was in his court, and he never bailed out on circumstances to take revenge, but he grabbed the opportunity and tried to make the best out of it. Apart from earning fame in the stand-ups, Nitinn is a good actor, and at instances, he has also managed to arrange and pull up quite a few comedians to stage the show, so he thought why not be rather than being an employee. Earning a name as an actor or a director well creativity flows with both roles equally! 

Whose dreams are you chasing? Whose timelines are you on?

A question that every individual might ask themselves now and then! One must never compare their clock to others because every person has a different set of timelines. Being fortunate enough, Nitinn was able to convert the line “Log tere pe hasenge” to its literal terms and in an exceptional way. Life has not been easy for anyone, but one needs to be unapologetically open up to themselves and be self-aware about their needs as Nitinn speaks of his struggle and finds a way out. Life is full about learning and especially learning from experiences and sharing yours! And that is the motivation that keeps him going forward to seek opportunity! Making others feel good about themselves is the job of an influencer, and what influences them to do so is the influencer’s content.


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