Home Art feature “For me, Every day is a Photography Day.” – Trikansh Sharma

“For me, Every day is a Photography Day.” – Trikansh Sharma


Type of Art Form– Nature & Wildlife photography

Photograph Featured: Asiatic Elephant

The story behind this captivating shot

Believing all the essence of nature and wildlife, Trikansh has developed the love for mother nature without any covetousness. While exploring the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, he was tracking the animals to capture them into his lens. It was almost fumy and filmy in the weak light of the morning when he was out for the photography. That hazy morning, he witnessed a tremendous Asiatic Elephant in front of his camera. By generating the best use of the view where both the wildlife and nature was grey, he captured some super impressive pictures. 

The ideation that went behind the scenario:

Many times, photographers are told to go outside and capture some great pictures through their lens. And many of them prefer to capture nature and wildlife. Why? Because the wonders of our mother nature are simply unfathomable. Trikansh also believes that Mother nature itself gives so much inspiration to create any form of art. Nature itself is magnificent and splendorous. It has so many fascinating elements to show and to remember those things. So to show them to the world, photography is the best medium.

Brief about the artist and why wildlife photography as a career:

Trikansh is a Wildlife and Nature photographer. He lives in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. He believes in spreading the love for mother nature. Trikansh’s father used to love photography, and just following the footprints of him, Trikansh chose photography as his passion. Just after ending his school life, Trikansh invested most of the time in learning new things about photography. That curiosity to grab all the knowledge supported him to grow as a skilled photographer. Currently, he is pursuing a master degree in business administration. But that doesn’t mean that he has put any halt to his passion. He is still exploring deep into photography as a profession & enjoying the process. Trikansh wants to appreciate everything of mother nature and wants to keep himself close to it by capturing every moment in his camera. 

Credentials: NAT GEO Award Winner

Trikansh’s Pearl Of Wisdom: 

Trikansh asks every budding photographer to paint four things in mind about photography: Previsualization, Perseverance, Perspective & Patience. Without them, one can never burgeon as a dedicated photographer. “Never think of giving up. Many times your patience will be tested, but you have to keep working hard without quitting. Downfalls will absolutely play a vital role, but you have to make the best use of them. You have to work on your mistakes and recreate the stairs to success. Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before.”

Art Available On :  Instagram(@trikansh_sharma)


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