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Twirling My Passion Around Satin Wraps – Poorva Karnik


Aerial dance 


Aerial is a subgenre of modern dance form recognized in the United States initially. The apparatus includes a satin wrap attached from the ceiling and lets the performer explore all the space around. 


Aerial dance is full of elegance and grace. Poorva is an impeccable aerialist who is expanding her horizons around the satin piece. She states that this art form has been prevalent in India for years now but hasn’t earned the well-deserved recognition. According to Purva, this is an offbeat fitness art. It requires a lot of grace and the correct movements to deliver a magnum performance. Dancing around silk needs precision and body flexibility to perform confidently on stage. It is said that aerial arts and circus are connected and that fact stands true as disclosed by Poorva. She feels that artists should be respected and supported more as they devote their blood and sweat to deliver an exquisite show. Poorva’s biggest inspiration is watching Cirque du Soleil, it is the biggest circus performance ever. The professionals involved in that circus and their sheer dedication towards their art makes it simply incredible. All the efforts they put into their art is commendable and she learns a great deal out of it. 


Poorva describes that choreographing a piece requires patience, determination, and practice. She still calls herself a learner because she is continuously exploring and improvising to add glitters to her art. She wants to gain more knowledge about the art form and is relentlessly practicing to polish her craft. 


Poorva Karnik is a 23-year-old aerial arts performer. She is a psychology graduate and an avid language learner. She is a certified trainer and circus artist. For her, love is in the air swaying between those satin wraps. She has been training in aerial dance and rope mallakhamb. She has been teaching for 12 years now. She loves experimenting in her field and it gives her immense pleasure when someone achieves their goals. 


Few tidbits of wisdom for all the newbies. She advises everyone to be honest with oneself and to stop comparing their growth with others. She asks us to focus on our craft and sharpen our skills. Set a goal and don’t let the social media bubble take over you, states Poorva. 

As we conclude the segment, here’s a quote from her side; “in the end, we only regret the chances that we didn’t take.” And La vie en rose is her soul song and portrays her journey so far. 


Instagram : @poorvakarnik


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