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Celebrating Art & Creativity with Ankita Arya


Ankita Arya is a successful Graphic Designer whose talent sparks through her portrayal of exclusively crafted personalized graphic prints & designs. Through her years of expertise she can spin magic into even ordinary household items and turn them into a statement piece of art. She intricately creates bespoke wallpapers, tapestries, wall art, and textiles which comes from a journey blended with years of hard work and perseverance that has recently culminated into the formation of her very own thriving interior graphic studio.

The birth of an Artist

Her formative years witnessed Ankita being drawn to the magic of fine arts. Her parents always agreed there was growing up to be done outside the books, and they wholeheartedly supported Ankita in all her endeavors. She could be spotted in almost every school musical, dance recital, or artwork competition. The immense travel she undertook around the country as a child introduced her to a range of diverse cultures which left an impressionable mark thus paving the way for her ultimate destination.

Under the rightful guidance she received from her art teachers from school gave Ankita an insight into the world of creativity . She was there on inclined towards being an Art Director . The voyage of becoming an art director came with its share of initial hurdles where she had to wait for an year to go to her dream college but with the calming of the winds , Ankita found herself graduating in Applied Arts from the prestigious Delhi College of Arts . It is in this hotspot of creativity that she met the creative kind of her own ranging from sculptors , aspiring painters and graphic designers . Graphic designing became her strength and interiors spaces always fascinated her. Seeking to hone this skill she started freelancing and worked her enchantment through designing wall arts, paintings and graphics.

Ankita got an opportunity to intern with a quirky design venture named “Happily Unmarried”, famous for its quirky products and innovative creations. Having started as one of the first designers, she got an opportunity to show more of her creativity through designing Happily Unmarried’s flagship store in Connaught Palace where she experimented with graphics, murals, graffiti and was much appreciated.

Masters from Birmingham University

Her quest to achieve more and create a niche connection between enchanting graphics and interiors which was an unexplored territory led her overseas to take up a course in Interior Product Designing from Birmingham University, UK.

Here she took designing to a whole new level as she explored novel patterns and techniques that enabled her to imprint her graphics into different materials glass, metal, wood, fabric and crockery.On her return to India ,she received a much welcomed surprise when a piece of her art was showcased informally through in mobile phone to the renowned interior designer, Adil Ahmad by her own friend. Their fruitful collaboration resulted in her working on multiple projects and boutique hotels. Working with Adil Ahmad taught her new dimensions of designing with digital graphics being displayed on large scale walls and spaces.

The fondest memory for this luxury designer is showcasing her well received work which consisted of elaborate detailed designs at the Luxury Lifestyle Week, Mumbai. She counts this event as being exceptional as it marked the presence and immense support of her family.

Living the Dream

Not wanting to adhere to monotony , Ankita always knew her calling was in the unique realm of designing . Having her husband as a pillar of strength and encouragement , she went on to open her very own interior graphic studio named “Ankita Arya Design” . She believes in the consistency of evolving ideas & methods and used the lockdown time productively to garner just what she needed to further climb the ladder of success.
An established in demand interior graphic designer , Ankita takes the plunge into furthering her art with a cohesive & efficient team delivering every bit of perfection . A creation she reminisces is the space she created for a kids room with personalised wallpaper and products that turned out beyond ideal.

Passion is the key to success

Being dedicated towards your goal will eventually gather the support of your loved ones . The right path that one should build is ventured upon through exploration. It’s important to choose your learnings correctly and do every bit to enjoy the process, the knowledge you gain when you embark towards the fulfilment of a dream is vital .

Website :  www.ankitaarya.in

Instagram : ankitaaryadesign


  1. Ankita is extremely talented and hard-working, her unmatched creativity and perfection lead to stunning luxury desings! Trully inspiring!

  2. Ankita is extremely hard working with high passion of her achieving the target in her domain of artistic talent. Wish her reaching the top of mountain of excellence.


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