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A Lucknow Boy’s Awe-inspiring Journey to Fame – Abhijeet Kain


Social Media these days is filled with thousands of influencers and performers but none of them has as powerful an impact on viewers as Abhijeet Kain. With his mind-blowing representation of Indian songs, he has proved that there are different ways of looking at things that we ignore in our daily life. Born and raised in Lucknow, Abhijeet was always keen on making people laugh because it is the nicest thing that you can do to others.

The journey from being a regular small-town guy to one of the most popular faces on Instagram has been quite a rollercoaster ride for him. The proud owner of a fun and amusing personality, Abhijeet was always inclined towards the various forms of art. He mentions that he was lucky enough to not receive the pressure of pursuing engineering or medical education from his parents’ end. His family always allowed him to explore himself in terms of learning.

A Unique Perception Towards the Ordinary Brings out the Extraordinary

He completed his schooling in Lucknow and then moved to Delhi for higher education where he joined the film city. Although, interaction with other people in the film city was an overwhelming experience for him because he was surprised to see the level of diversity and criteria of talents in the institution. It took him almost two years to get the gist of the field he was about to enter.

In the third year of college, Abhijeet started to fit in with various performers and came out as a beacon of great hope and expectations. The way he represented ordinary Indian songs in unexpected ways was a delight for the viewers. He began his journey of unique content creation on DubSmash in 2015 and then moved on to other different platforms for enhanced exposure.

Acceptance of Rejection in Peculiar Ways

Abhijeet once tried auditioning for a famous reality tv show, but the organizers refused to give him the application form because his face wasn’t “attractive enough” for the tv. He says that rejection is a part of life and that acceptance is the only way to get through it. Though acceptance doesn’t mean that you must sit in a corner or pout on the failures. It is the power of social networking platforms that helped Abhijeet turn the tables and create a mark in viewers’ minds. Now, renowned brands and YouTubers contact Abhijeet for collaboration.

A hinge on the Reality & People will Follow You

Content creation is not just a professional, but a responsibility that puts you in the category of an influencer. Abhijeet explains that you must outline the reality, and the story will proliferate around it if you remain true to yourself. This is what he does with ordinary Hindi songs. He listens to each song carefully and then grabs the part with basic variations to build a proper act for the viewers. He credits his realistic approach towards creation for being followed by lakhs of people on major social media platforms. Abhijeet clarifies that the world is full of talented people, but you need to figure out what describes you the best.


  1. I am really proud of you Abhijeet. You make people smile. Its great to see you growing like this. You are an awesome person. Keep shining 🥰❤️


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