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Pragya- A Delhi Girl’s Life As A Social Media Influencer


Early Life

As a child, Pragya had an interest in many things. She was interested in sports, painting, drawing, etc., and she wasn’t sure what she liked and what would interest her the most. One of the many things that she was interested in was cooking. She loved everything about food and enjoyed watching her grandmother cook. However, she never thought that food was something that she would follow later, and here she is today managing @thisisdelhi.

Support from Friends and Family

“I am fortunate to have my friends because they have always been with me,” says Pragya. From helping her take pictures to giving her ideas that she should showcase everything that goes into making her content, Pragya feels blessed that she has such supportive friends.

Initially reluctant because parents don’t understand how things work on social media, they are now super supportive about her choice. They go gaga about what she does in front of everyone.

What is @thisisdelhi All About?

@thisisdelhi is about the food amalgamation that you see in Delhi. Pragya is a proud Delhi girl because the city has introduced her to all the cuisines from different parts of India. “No matter which state’s foods you want to eat, come to Delhi, and you will find it,” says Pragya candidly. Apart from food, one will see lifestyle and travel content on her page as well.

Struggles and Challenges

Having parents from a generation who don’t know what social media is, it’s challenging to make them understand what you are doing. Her passion for doing something out of the box and the fear that if you don’t have a proper 9 to 5 job, things might become difficult had troubled her when she initially started. But now that her parents see her enthusiasm and have understood what social media influencing is all about and how you can earn from it, things are clearer for Pragya.


For Pragya, her family is very important, and the biggest achievement for Pragya was when her mother accepted what she does and the support she got from her afterwards. “My mother finally understanding what I am doing is the biggest millstone I have achieved,” says Pragya.

Pragya on Creating Content

Content creation is a journey. When someone tells you to market their product or brand, you want your content to feel organic, which your audience will resonate with. “Adding a personal touch to my content is very important,” says Pragya. Social media content is not the content that you see on Television. It is different, and hence the creative journey is different.

Collaboration and What Keeps Pragya Inspired

Pragya says that every collaboration that she has done has been excellent. Pragya has collaborated with Mother Dairy, Pizza Hut, Dairy Milk, and more.

Pragya shares that her friends are her backbone when it comes to inspiration, and she loves her followers because they support her a lot.

Future Plans

When we asked about Pragya’s future goals, she shared that her goals right now are to achieve 100k on YouTube, explore travelling and create content around that.

Advice to the Future Influencers

“Do what you like, but first discover what you like doing. No matter what you are doing right now, if you think you are interested in social media, at least start. For all the students, complete your education, and if you want, you may think of creating social media content simultaneously. Also, whenever you create content, do add your personal touch to it,” says Pragya. 


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