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The Girl Who Wasn’t Afraid of Failure— Preeti


If you know your passion, then no one can stop you, believes Preeti, a fashion and beauty influencer with 55k+ followers on Instagram.

A big dreamer and achiever, Preeti is always busy creating creative content for her collaborations with different brands. From her childhood, it was evident that she wanted to achieve something great in her life. She wanted to stand out and be different.

Preeti is from a small-town called Berhampur in Murshidabad. But she soon shifted to Kolkata for her education, and there she started working on her dreams and started creating content and blogging.

She has also done a course in fashion designing. She believes that the connection between education and profession is essential to bring out the most creative ideas as a fashion and beauty blogger.

Preeti first started her blogging career on YouTube, but soon she started working on Instagram, searching for better opportunities. With two years of her dedication, she earned the support of more than 55k people.

No matter what career we are in, there will be ups and downs in every profession, Preeti also faced many challenging experiences, one of which was when she shot for almost 5 hours straight. Brands rejected her videos because the videos were more creative than just a plain advertisement of the product. Her friends also never supported her; she struggled on her own to achieve the milestone of 50k followers. However, her family is her biggest support, and she feels grateful that she got enough time in the lockdown to enjoy with her family.

Preeti believes that she is a one-person army. From generating ideas, scripting to shooting and editing, she does everything on her own.

Preeti says, “There’s no one to push you if you are working on your own. You are the one who needs to get up, work hard, make efforts, be punctual, and keep following your passion.”

When everyone was too tired of being in the house during the lockdown, Preeti used it as a great opportunity. She believes everyone should mould themselves in different situations and always try to be their best, and that’s what she did. She planned and shot about 30 exciting and unique styling videos during the lockdown. Those videos were loved by people and helped her grow this much on Instagram.

She treats her followers as her own family and doesn’t recommend anything or any particular product that she does not find useful in real life.

Not only blogging, but this young influencer also loves dancing and was very bright in academics. She is a trained classical dancer for more than 16 years; she has also won Miss Murshidabad and many other prizes for her dance performances. How much more talent can a person hold than this? She indeed is an inspiration. But it doesn’t stop here; her plans include her appeal brand, and what more can we expect from a college student? Every student who wishes to be an influencer should look up to her.

She wants her audience and followers to always follow their passion, no matter what. “Passion is what you can keep working on without being tired,” she says. She wants her followers to make efforts and start working today towards their goals as this is the right time. Getting organised and making time for your passion will take you to more excellent opportunities.


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