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Shreya Sanghi – A Powerhouse of Talent


Shreya Sanghi is an influencer with more than 30k followers on Instagram. She is passionate about making content related to dance, fitness, food, travel, etc. Shreya is also a model and blogger.

Early Life and Beginnings

Shreya has been passionate about dance since a young age. She loved reading as a child too, and pursued English literature in college. She went to Hindu College and is currently doing her Master’s at Delhi University. Her parents have always been supportive of her choices. She also has good friends who guide her in many ways.

While in college, Shreya received professional dance training and learned hip-hop and funk under many professional choreographers. She performed in many college fests across India, and it made her stage fear vanish.  She is a writer who pens down personal experiences. She writes on the app Terribly Tiny Tales .She writes when she is full of emotions and thinks it’s an excellent way to vent.

Challenges and Struggles

Shreya had a  significant challenge in her life that she thinks is  important for her. She gained a lot of weight while in school. She joined a gym last year and lost 20 kilos in 7 months. She worked really hard for the transformation and watched what she was eating, and gained great results. She feels that god has been kind to her, and she has flourished in whatever she has tried.

Achievements and Career

The journey on Instagram had just started as a fun activity, but she gained a lot of followers. Now she has more than  30k followers on Instagram, and she puts in a lot of effort to create good content. She had time during the lockdown and put in more effort into Instagram and working out. She has also partnered with several brands and created content for them. Now she is a model and has done a few photoshoots.

One of her most memorable collaborations was with Fabindia. She has also worked with brands like Uber and KenStar. Shreya has found a lot of support from her parents. Her mother is a model, and her father is a fashion designer. Their creativity has inspired her to make creative content. Her mother helps her with most of her posts and campaigns. Shreya plans to complete her Master’s in May 2021 and she wants to pursue modeling more seriously.

Shreya’s Advice to Readers

The advice that Shreya would like to give is to go with the flow. This has been the motto of her life and has worked well. She believes that one shouldn’t be stuck on one aim and everyone should try different things. Life is unpredictable, and things may not work the way we want them to. Shreya believes it is essential to enjoy what one is doing, and passion and love should be present in every activity.



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