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Saswat Joshi: A Dreamer With His Feet, Painting Towns With His Dance Moves.


Saswat Joshi – an Indian classical dancer, model, and choreographer is an eminent artist when it comes to Odissi dance—born in the town of Titlagarh on December 18, 1984. Saswat began his excursion as an artist when he was five years under Shantanu Behera and Prasanta Patnaik at his local town, Titlagarh, Bolangir. He took in the rudiments of Odissi dance postures while on the dance floor with extraordinary interest and commitment as a kid artist itself.

His Career Path:

As a Dancer:

Saswat began his expert Odissi preparation under Master Padma Shri Kumkum Mohanty in 2000. A disciple of Padma Vibhushan Master Kelucharan Mohapatra, Saswat has also learned some exquisite Odissi mudras. Under the tutelage of Master Padma Shri Ileana Citaristi, his moving thrived in its flawlessness. He is the beneficiary of a public grant from the Service of Culture Legislature of India. He completed his Visharad from the College of Chandigarh and was granted Sangeet Ratna from Rabindra Bharati. He has addressed many Odissi dance talk shows in different colleges around the world.

Saswat is also a prominent male artist who performed in front of the world’s wonder Eiffel Pinnacle, Paris, France and Colosseo, Italy, Rome.

He has proudly shared the dancing stage with numerous worldwide superstars such as Luciana Savignano, Carla Fracci, Giuseppe Picone, Rossella Brescia, and Beppe Menegatti, Luciano Mattia Cannitoamd others in a choreographed creation titled ‘I Have a Dream’ at Palermo city, Sicily, Italy.

As a Teacher:

Saswat Joshi is also a noted teacher in the field of Odissi classical dance. He established the Lasyakala Organization of Performing Expressions. He also initiates the Ekalavya Dance Celebration, which takes place each year to congratulate the Odissi dancing style’s expert dancers and pundits.

As a Model:

Saswat has a good modeling portfolio with excellent brands like Boyanika, Manyavar, and various popular global brands. He is an inspiration for many when it comes to being a photographer’s muse. His pictures have been appreciated internationally because of his eye captivating expressions and poses displayed while modeling. He is, so far, the only Odissi dance artist who has popularised Sambalpuri Ikkat across the world. He wears the Sambalpur kurta beautifully paired with his ethnic attire for many of his stage appearances and dance gigs.

As a Choreographer:

His debut in Bollywood and dance portrayal in the film” Koun kitne paani mein ” has been profoundly valued by international film festivals. Consequently, he turned into the Rangabati symbol for Odisha and our country India. His directorial adventure by Nila Madhav Panda came to be a blockbuster in the dance world. He has also choreographed several other dance performance works relating to fusion, pure Odissi mudras, and indo-western dance forms.

Awards and Recognition:

Saswat Joshi is the epitome of all virtues that a noted classical artist from India truly should reflect. He has been awarded various prestigious titles, awards, and recognitions nationally and internationally by virtue of his widely appreciated performances. During his initial days, he was also accredited with a gold medal from the Chandigarh University for pursuing a course in the Odissi dance form and excelling in it. Saswat Joshi is an artist who has truly established that dreams can be limitless, especially in the field of dance. Like a poet, he has given meaning to each of his dance moves just like words. As he believes that dance is the purest form of communication between the soul and body, he continually strives to show the world his spiritual approach towards dance. An inspiration to many, this young artist has genuinely embarked upon the journey to take Indian dance forms ahead and popularise them worldwide.


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