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Happy is the Heart that tries – Dr Mili Patel


Dr.Mili Patel from Surat is more than just her hard earned title. When she’s not playing doctor , its acting , modelling and social media that takes up her time. Mili’s journey that required her to balance profession and passion was a glorious one filled with its share of obstacles to the win.

The glitz and glam of Bollywood caught her fancy from an early age which made her participate in numerous competitions. Medicine being the prime focus, her glam dream continued to be harboured even if it would mean facing testing waters of a conservative upbringing.

Her first taste of success was impromptu participation in a fashion show in which she was declared the winner. This did startle her parents initially but she received warm support from her doting father throughout. Pragmatically she pursued the completion of her education.

When the 2019 Miss Gujarat competition dates were announced, Mili’s desire to participate was clouded with the clashing of her final year medical exams. Balancing her passion for modelling and working towards getting her “Doctor” title wasn’t an easy road to travel.

A Cinderella moment that will always remain with her was winning the prestigious “Miss Gujarat” title at 5 a.m and rushing to appear for her final year medical exams at 10 a.m!! That day Dr.Mili earned not just one but two titles to cherish for a lifetime.

Her desire to branch into full time modelling was faced with a ton of scepticism but she recalls over coming that with an unquenchable thirst to achieve more in life. 

Mili went on to act in feature films and music videos. Breaking pre-conceived notions of the glam life being rosy, she sheds light on the challenges that the glamour world brings with it. “There will be attention uncalled for, but one has to learn to filter the ones that help from the unwanted rant” One of the major hurdles that models and actors face is dealing not with the outsiders but the mind-set of the insiders.

The upliftment of the underprivileged and the needy is what she works towards in her own humble way and advocates the same to her Insta followers. Mili’s future plans involve moving to Mumbai and pursuing the opportunities she continues to receive to act in feature films and Ads. Her ultimate destination is Bollywood and she believes she would ace that too.

Her zest for life and passion towards achieving continued success is what keeps her going, even if that calls for another Cinderella moment!


  1. Salute to you mili dii, I’m always inspired from you & i see everyday something new in you…love you dii…. All the best…..


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