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Sharmi Adhikary Talks Lifestyle, Designing and Strong Instagram Influence.


Sharmi Adhikary is a prominent Instagram Influencer, with an inspirational following of 54.8K sincere followers. A senior writer and sari connoisseur, she has also caught the pulse of her readers as the loving mother of her eight-year-old son nicknamed Bono. Born and raised in Kolkata, she moved to Delhi as a young bride and continued pursuing her career in journalism. A mesmerising storyteller, a defining trendsetter, Ms Adhikary, like us, is passionate about food and films, on which she generates brilliant insights.

After graduating with an Honours in English from Loreto College, Kolkata, she went on to pursue a Masters degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from the University of Calcutta. While theoretical studies lay the foundation for any student, she believes there isn’t a better teacher than experience itself. Emphasizing how her on-field activities shaped her into the superb writer she is today.

While her father, a well-known senior Mathematics teacher in the city, insisted she pursues higher studies instead of taking up her first job at Indian Express (after a fruitful internship at the age of 20), the lure of perfect bylines, the buzz of the newsroom and excitement of the profession cemented her entry into the field.

A fast writer and a resourceful cub-reporter, she was handheld by her Resident Editor to understand the intricacies of the job. Visiting different places to report on events, be it the red-light area, a luxury hotel or the municipal corporation, she reminisces always being well-dressed. Her sartorial sense was noticed, as was her writing— relevant, thoughtful and striking a chord with readers.

She enjoyed penning mood stories that appeared as front-page anchors, as well as crucial frontline news. Like the daily features on Presidency College, during their student elections. She reported on police atrocities and the disturbance during result declarations. On the opposite spectrum, she created halcyon imagery connecting the dots between Kolkata and Brazil during the FIFA World Cups when both cities get bedecked in yellow and green hues. She was an oft contributor to the Real Page Three-section, featuring individuals doing socially relevant work.

The switch to lifestyle happened in India Today, where she wrote regularly in their City Life Magazines, from the desk in Delhi now as a married girl.

She later joined Vijay Mallya’s team at the stylish glossy, Hi! Blitz Magazine of which she was the Delhi Bureau Chief. She struck a fine balance between writing well-researched pieces on fashion, lifestyle, art, design and entrepreneurs and networking with celebrities, attending fashion shows and events.

An exceptional writer for 17 years now, Ms Adhikary decided to invest time in her own space (also freelance) after her final stint at Verve Magazine. She is a trustworthy movie critic, (interviews with Ratna Pathak Shah and Papon being part of her repertoire). Before conducting any interview, she researches on the subject and their work, even as she reiterates differing perspectives between artists.

Deeply maternal by nature, the writer is always prepared to render solutions to anyone who is sad. This positivity, she says, is a derivative of the unconditional love she sees Bono feeling for everyone. After working with some of the top publications in the country, Ms Adhikary decided to invest more time in her Instagram to tell her readers about her journey. Her saree pictures are captioned with warm musings, reflections and memories, which she hopes her readers resonate with and which influence lives in a better way. Opining that the right use of hashtags can spread correct information, she avers that topics spoken with heft can reach an extra mile in improving situations that need support.

Her suggestion to young mothers is to be a confidant to their child. Encourage them in sorting differences with close ones by themselves. She believes her son should receive emotional strength from home in order to brace for battles outside.

To young professionals, she says, “Be original. Do not imitate. Be inspired. Stand out. You are a gift! Shine on. There is greatness inside you. Live a life of which you are proud of. You are always enough!”


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