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Isa Khan – “Life is too short and the world is wide.”


Rise from the Ashes

Isa Khan, a resident of Shahabad, the place whose name very few might have only heard. He had a very conventional childhood, just like any other kid of a small village. He studied in a simple school with other village kids. Electricity was rather a luxury for this village. Traveling and photography were quite far-fetched dreams for Isa.

Travelling Bug

When asked about the traveling bug, he said that it came rather impromptu in his life.
His first trek was Hemkund and Valley of flowers, and he was quite satisfied with this trip. But it was nothing like his life changed forever.

Goodbye to Corporate Life

Very few of us know that Isa had a well built corporate life. He was also teaching side by side. But after a while, he realized that serving corporate people is not his cup of tea.

That was the time when he tried to play with his acting fortunes and visited Mumbai. Soon he realized without any “godfather” backing him, it was extremely difficult to pursue acting carrier in Mumbai. That was the time when he stepped back and returned to his work land – Delhi.

Here he started his own coaching institute. After 4-5 years, he started traveling quite often.
That was when he realized that traveling and running a coaching business cannot go hand in hand. And thus, he bid farewell to his business and started working as a guest faculty member and traveling.

Now, after spending 9 years in the teaching line, he is open to exploring other opportunities as well.

Approach towards Photography

Isa Khan has a very interesting perspective on photography. He says that while seeing a landscape and then capturing photos, he focuses on capturing the look / feel and experience of the place for his audience.
He believes that he tries his best to transfer those emotions to his audience while capturing an image. He wants his audience to feel the same emotions that he is going through.

And Isa is sure that with his utmost dedication and hard work, he is able to achieve the same. And that’s how he has maintained his connection with the audience.

Best Travel Experience

Isa Khan said that he likes offbeat traveling. Rather than staying at five-star hotels, he would love to explore mountains and valleys at -15 degrees.
While narrating one of his trekking experiences, he said that in the evening, when the sun came down, he was in a valley where it turned pitch-black.

Along with his travel partners, he decided to spend the night in a hut with only four walls and no roof. They ate “ready to eat” food and slept on a half-empty stomach.
Isa very clearly said that his travel definition is not synonymous with holidays or relaxed gateways. But that’s something that excites him and keeps him on his toes.

Traveling – Solo or in Group

Isa loves traveling both as a solo or in a group. But he maintains that it is very important to travel with like-minded people to embrace the real joy of traveling.

Future Traveling Plans

Isa Khan said that he planned to travel before lockdown for at least 6-7 months this year. But of course, lockdown ruined everything. But he strongly believes that lockdown has made them realize the importance of basic things like a simple handshake.

Regarding his traveling plans, he wants to travel to Kashmir in December month. He also wants to be active on his YouTube channel. He will soon say goodbye to his coaching line and spend more time traveling.


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