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Depression turned into bestselling book – The Ajay K Pandey story


Ajay k Pandey, best selling author of the romantic genre book ‘You are the best wife’ has a long journey to share, the struggles of life did try to put him down, but he kept on going and never looked back.

Ajay was born and brought up in Delhi; he completed his schooling from a small town Rihand Nagar with beautiful aspirations in his eyes. He further studied engineering from IERT Allahabad where he met the love of his life bhavana. Currently Ajay is working with the IT Firm Cognizant and with that he is a bestselling author.

This famous author of six books was not interested in writing from his childhood, but he was keen on reading. He loves reading and believes one cannot become a good writer if they don’t read enough; his favorite writers are khushwant Singh, Munshi Premchand, and R.K Narayan.

His inspiration to write the first book was his late wife, Bhavna.
They were in love since college and they happily got married. But after some years suddenly Ajay’s life turned upside-down when he lost his beloved wife due to a life-taking infection.

This tragedy pushed him into depression and he suffered a lot but somehow managed to stay conscious and tried to come out of it. Someday he read a book based on actual events of an author’s life which was loved by numerous people and then he came up with the thought of writing a book on his own experience about the beautiful journey he had with his wife.

“You are the best wife” was his first novel based on his experience of suffering a tragedy and moving on in life. This extraordinary author turned the sorrow of his life into a bestselling book holding all the memories of his beloved wife with the message of never giving up.

Since then, Ajay has written six books, from which his favorite is “An unexpected gift” after his first book.

It is based on the story of a transgender longing to become a mother and what struggles she faces. It is an emotional and surprising story, he says.

It is not easy to be an author. There are not many full-time authors in India and what writers earn from writing is almost half of what they make from their jobs, he says. Still, the love of people and appreciation keeps him going.

He believes that his suffering turned him towards writing, pouring thoughts on paper, which never judges is therapeutic.

His recently launched book is ” Everything I never told you.” It is based on the love story of a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl. They have grown up together and loved each other, but soon realized that they couldn’t be together forever as they belong to different religions. They fell apart and moved on. This novel is based on their story of coming back together overcoming every hurdle religion can create.

Ajay is an inspiration to all suffering from depression and the tragedies of life; he teaches us how to move on in life and make something extraordinary out of it. No matter how hard it seems, life always has something beautiful to offer; take the opportunity, and move ahead.


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