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Madhur Sharma – Living Life Melodiously

Madhur Sharma is a playback singer and live performer. The two songs featured here are unique and are a testament to Madhurs versatility.

Priyasha Mohanty- “Dancing empowers me to express my inner emotions”.

Priyasha Mohanty is a classical odissi dancer. Odissi as a dance form is a means to convey stories, poems and spiritual messages. Expressions and emotions are the central elements of this dance form.

Pramod Sahu – Spreading Vibrancy Through Rangoli

Pramod Sahu is a 3D and hyper-realism artist specializing in Rangoli. He quintessentially conveys emotions and social messages through his artwork.

Singer A Melody Oozing From My Soul – Nafisa Haniya

Nafisa is a self taught vocalist who is trying to manifest her emotions through her soothing music. She resolutely practices her notes and is striving to be better by every dawn.

A Storyteller Capturing Stories Through 50MM Lens – Sonali Devnani

Sonali is a skilled portrait photographer. In portrait photography, it’s all about catching the essence of the person being photographed. Through her lens, she is focusing on capturing two emotive tales with the moods of vulnerability and innocence.

Calligrapher Lettering My Way Through Life – Surbhi Arora

Designing letters always caught Surbhi’s eye which helped her to evolve as a calligrapher. Calligraphy is about curating decorative handwritten letters and words. In her creation, many different tools are used to make those letters look aesthetic and satisfying.

Odissi Dancer – Madhur Gupta

Madhur Sharma is an Odissi dancer. Odissi dance is an age-old classical form that requires expressions and story conveying power to gracefully perform it. It has a refined beauty and lyrical art etched into it.

He marked his right balance in the world of classical dance.- Devesh Mirchandani

Devesh Mirchandani is a kathak performer. Kathak is composed of expressions and gestures. The dance is performed on Ghar More Pardesiya from Kalank by him.

Capturing the world from a great height.- Mayank Tiwari

Mayank Tiwari is a photographer who specializes in Drone photography. The magnificent pictures presented are of the haldi festival that takes place in Kolhapur. It was one of the places topping his bucket list which he ticked off in style.

Aerial Dreams – Zeel Soni

Zeel Soni is a talented aerialist. Aerial as a dance form is a sub-genre of modern dance. Its apparatus includes satin wraps which are attached to the ceiling and all the moves revolve around them.

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