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Tinting bodies and lives – Kajal Lalwani

Kajal Lalwani is a body painting and SFX makeup artist. These two arts consist of the use of cosmetics, paint and prosthetics on the body. In her featuring art, she is creating a spooky makeover with the right amount of creativity by using her equipments.

Narrating the stories through his captures! – Mohit Khetrapal

Mohit Khetrapal adores capturing all the happenings around the street he sets his foot on. He loves capturing normalcy and it’s his hobby to shoot the untold

Gururaj Bhandari – Digital Artist – Weaving Historical Tales Through Technology

Gururaj Bhandari is a digital artist. Digital art is primarily a piece created through technological tools and converted into graphical representations. The pictures featured here date back to the Indian mythology which is Gururaj’s favourite muse.

Photographer Focusing Right Through The Wide Lens – Aarohan Tiwari

The more you shoot, the more you learn,” is a definite go to mantra for Aarohan. To him, nature has been his biggest inspiration and photography is something which helps him to capture it’s beauty. Through his photography skills, he loves to weave stories via pictures and finds joy in little moments.

“My Ink Portraits Are Composed Of Acceptance and Evolution” – Chahat Suri

Chahat Suri is a sketch artist who is specialized in ink portraits. Her Ink portraits are a reflection of herself and her emotions. They are intricate and very creative in nature.

Discovering every memory with a soundtrack.- Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal is a singing sensation. Music as an art is a wide field to explore. The song presented here is dedicated to the blooming college days and he has struck the right chord and brought out a melody.

Conveying Sentiments Through Portraits – Haranish Mehta

Haranish Mehta is a Mumbai based portrait photographer. He is always dedicated to capturing the emotion behind the face. The portrait of lady presented here is impeccably captured and conveys a deeper meaning.

Nitin – That January Guy’s Spooky Avatars!

Nitin is a makeup artist specializing in spooky Avatars. He loves experimenting with Makeup and tries to create a new look every single time. Today, he has got the perfect knack for styling and comes up with beautiful themes.

Singer A Melody Oozing From My Soul – Nafisa Haniya

Nafisa is a self taught vocalist who is trying to manifest her emotions through her soothing music. She resolutely practices her notes and is striving to be better by every dawn.

Breaking “Mard” stereotypes through my Nritya: Prem Sahoo.

Prem Sahoo is an odissi classical dancer. Odissi as a dance form that concentrates on body movements and expressions. The dance featured here is performed on folk classical musical tunes.

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