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Mandala Artist “Art Is Therapeutic And So It Is My Passion”- Akshita Palvia Negandhi

Akshita Palvia Negandhi is a lawyer turned artist who creates Mandalas. Mandalas are associated with sacred symbols used for therapy, healing and meditation. Akshita tries to combine various art forms and that truly emerges out as a masterpiece in the featured picture.

Shanay Shah – Music Is An Antidote To Sufferings

Shanay Shah is a singer and songwriter. Music as a field is vast, it shelters many genres into it. The ones presented here are our artists own songs which are very close to his heart.

Hrishiraj Gawali – Cartoonist Portraying Real Life Truth

Hrishiraj Gawali is a cartoonist who portrays brutal truth about our society. The safaiwala cartoon presented here is also conveying a crucial message about us as a society.

Hema Kanan – The Sacred Geometry – Kolam

ema Kannan is a 52 year old Kolam artist. Kolams are synonymous with Rangoli but they are not colorful. They are essentially white in color and are made from rice flour.

Asokavadhani – Bharatanatyam Is My Medium To Seek Solace

Asokavadhani is a performing artist trained in Bharatanatyam. This dance form is an ancient indian classical dance which is extensively based on Natya Shastra and is also widely performed in the country.

Capturing the world from a great height.- Mayank Tiwari

Mayank Tiwari is a photographer who specializes in Drone photography. The magnificent pictures presented are of the haldi festival that takes place in Kolhapur. It was one of the places topping his bucket list which he ticked off in style.

She expresses poetries with her arms and legs. – Aadya Gupta

Aadya Gupta is a kathak dancer. Kathak is all about storytelling and she is a great storyteller. The piece performed here is on the song Nain Parindey.

Twirling My Passion Around Satin Wraps – Poorva Karnik

Poorva Karnik is an aerial dancer. She feels that this art needs to be more spoken about. She has been teaching for 12 years now and is also polishing her skills day after day.

Breaking “Mard” stereotypes through my Nritya: Prem Sahoo.

Prem Sahoo is an odissi classical dancer. Odissi as a dance form that concentrates on body movements and expressions. The dance featured here is performed on folk classical musical tunes.

It’s imperfections that make the things look beautiful! – Uddesh Rai

Uddesh Rai is a charcoal painter and digital artist. He finds perfection in the tip of his brush. He strives to paint this world with his hues to make it a brighter place to live.

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