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Gauri Gurunath – The Anchor to Her Dreams


Childhood Days 

Gauri is the eldest of her other two siblings. She is born into a nuclear family with both her parents working. As a child, her parents made sure that she was involved in different extra curricular activities so that they could go work and she could grow and understand better. Be it skating, craft, harmonium. She was enrolled for whatever she asked for.

Gauri – Jack of all Trades 

Since childhood, Gauri had been training in Kathak, a Indian classical dance form. Later on, she began her training in International Styles with The Danceworx in Mumbai. Up until 2017, she was determined to make a career out of it but, something changed and she found herself swaying more towards travelling and exploring.That’s when she decided to switch her career and stepped into the aviation industry. 

Her Ultimate Love – Travel 

Gauri never realised her travelling bug till she visited Bali in 2017. This was supposed to be a besties’ trip, but her travel partner bailed her at the very last moment, and out of frustration, she decided to go on the trip all by herself. 

This was the time when Bali was hit by a severe earthquake, and her 2-week trip got extended to 3 weeks. When she returned, she realised that the trip had opened some doors to her soul, which she never knew even existed. By that time, she knew that there was no looking back. All she wanted to do was travelling, and that too, solo travel. Her favourite destinations are southeast Asian places, like Bali and Myanmar. 

Gauri’s Aviation Journey 

She loves that travelling is one of the major parts of her job. And she is thankful for the gap between the layovers that give her that space to explore any town on her own. “Yes, it becomes hectic,” says Gauri, but anything to satisfy the hunger of travel! 

Future Plans 

Gauri believes in a step-by-step approach. She very soon wants to bid goodbye to her aviation career and start a backpacking trip for a whole 1 year without returning home. She wants to go out and redefine the word “Budget Travel.” She also aims to make her Insta page a complete traveller’s profile covering not only the best but also the small and ignored places. 

Wise Words  

Gauri is someone who was skin-shamed during her school days. So, she was never comfortable with her skin colour. But things changed when she visited Bali, and people enquired about her tan. 

Soon she felt that being comfortable and confident with your own shadow is very important. She believes in taking it slow and steady. Her only advice to all the people out there is not to lose your individuality in this mad, rat-race; the best is to be your own and keep that spark alive. 


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