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Doodling Is Inherent In My Soul – Shweta Singh Baidya

Shweta Singh Baidya is a doodle artist based in Pune. The pieces featured here are daily illustrations and doodle characters which are her favorite forms to practice.

Conveying Sentiments Through Portraits – Haranish Mehta

Haranish Mehta is a Mumbai based portrait photographer. He is always dedicated to capturing the emotion behind the face. The portrait of lady presented here is impeccably captured and conveys a deeper meaning.

Naushin Kaipally – Breaking Stereotypes Through Embroidery

Naushin Kaippally is a textile designer who is immensely passionate about embroidery. Embroidery is composed of intricate details and patterns laid over a piece of cloth.

Pixoury Issa Vibe! – Hrishiraj Sugre

Hrishiraj Sugre is a Pune based graphic designer who owns Pixoury. His artwork, that is, Bollywood themed Instagram reels, are unique and interesting pieces that are loved by thousands around the world.

“My Ink Portraits Are Composed Of Acceptance and Evolution” – Chahat Suri

Chahat Suri is a sketch artist who is specialized in ink portraits. Her Ink portraits are a reflection of herself and her emotions. They are intricate and very creative in nature.

Shanay Shah – Music Is An Antidote To Sufferings

Shanay Shah is a singer and songwriter. Music as a field is vast, it shelters many genres into it. The ones presented here are our artists own songs which are very close to his heart.

Prathibha Ramaswamy – Classical Dance Is a Poetry.

Prathibha Ramaswamy is an artist trained in Bharatanatyam. This is one of the oldest dance forms and is used to convey stories and rhythms through expressions and gestures.

Pallavi Goyal – An Artistic Flair is all she asked for!

Pallavi Goyal is a watercolor artist. She always tries new methods to enhance her skills and comes out with vibrant results. Everyday she paints with new techniques and adds Creative strokes.

Hema Kanan – The Sacred Geometry – Kolam

ema Kannan is a 52 year old Kolam artist. Kolams are synonymous with Rangoli but they are not colorful. They are essentially white in color and are made from rice flour.

Madhur Sharma – Living Life Melodiously

Madhur Sharma is a playback singer and live performer. The two songs featured here are unique and are a testament to Madhurs versatility.

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