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Lessons from the Govinda of Gujurati Cinema | Hemang Dave

Leaving behind the life like a bed of roses to choosing a profession with a journey full of thorns, Hemang made his impact as the Govinda of Gujarati Cinema leading to his liveliness on social media to interact with his fans.Read his journey to fame here.

Brightest Shines The All-Rounder | Aanchal Agrawal

A journey of an actress, a stand-up comedian, an education enthusiast, and a self-proclaimed unapologetic feminist; Aanchal Agarwal is the perfect example of a go-getter!

Living Life the Unconventional Way | Alisha Arsiwalla

A fashion and travel enthusiast, a mother with zero regrets, Alisha has strong views on motherhood and raising a self-reliant daughter. This mom influencer has got a lot in store for you – Discover some valuable insights through her story below!

My Dreams Before Me, The World Behind Me: Nandita

Embracing the actor inside her, Nandita Shrivastav hit 1 million subscribers on TikTok after winning the much prestiged Dance India Dance Super Moms and social media influencer on Youtube and Instagram.

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