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Fall Down Seven, Stand Up Eight | Karan Sonawane

His hatred for books in childhood influenced his creative mind to become a content creator on YouTube and a standup comedian. Famously known as Humour Us, Karan Sonawane has seen the brights and dulls of being in the creative industry.

Turning passion into profession – Shilpi Ghosh

There is a lot to learn from the attributes that helped Shilpi become successful in her career. Consistent efforts, striving to excel, and the support of near and dear ones play a huge role.

Learning the Art of Sustainable Home Décor from Anupma Rastogi

From being a geophysics engineer from IIT to Research assistant in ISRO and ultimately a home styling “Guru”, explore the journey of Anupama Rastogi

Be The Reason For Change And The World Will Bow To Your Efforts –...

You cant expect the world to embrace you with wide-open arms unless you accept your true-selves. This is the kind of spirit that brought former Bigg Boss contestant Sushant Divgikar into the limelight and helped him win 5 subtitles in Mr. Gay World Pageant. Sushant is all set with his long list of plans that he has prepared for blooming artists.

Gurpreet – Balance of Career and Family

Gurpreet Ghura is a makeup artist. She is currently based in St. Louis. She is widely recognized in her field and has received several awards. She is a certified makeup trainer and grooming instructor. She travels to many cities and especially loves bridal makeup.

From Dancer to an Actor, a Journey that Reads like a Story – Sayanta...

Sayanta Modak is a Bengali Actor . He grew up as an ardent SRK fan, watching Bollywood films and never really thought of becoming an actor one day. . From taking up his career as a dancer and then transitioning into cinema was a complete change for him.

Life Through Afeef the ‘Picturewala’s’ Lens

Afeef, who goes by the name ‘Mr. Lens Man’ on Instagram showcases a beyond imagination effect of photography which will leave any onlooker to surprise. He loves experimenting with different camera technologies, especially with upcoming phone cameras.

Lawyer Turned Ladypreneur – Shubhi Kapoor

Shubhi Kapoor is a lawyer and an entrepreneur. Hailing from Delhi, she always inhibited a knack for styling and jewellery. The creative bug in her led to the creation of Dulhanama. A venture catering to wedding jewelry. Her work is well recognised all over the world and she is embracing the success with grace.

The Girl Who Wasn’t Afraid of Failure— Preeti

From being rejected by brands to becoming a brand, Preeti never stopped to dream. With 55k+ follower base, Preeti stands as a bright source of inspiration for those who have lost themselves in the darkness of uncertainty. She showed us that a pandemic could be an opportunity when you have passion and enthusiasm for something. She is not only a social media influencer but also a classical dancer and Youtuber.

The Famed Author Behind The Marvellous Creation Of A Book Based On #METOO...

Karan Puri is a renowned author. His recent novel is based on the #metoo movement that was spread across the globe. He aimed to make a change through his book. And wanted to voice out the truth.

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