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Turning Passion to Opportunity – Annie B

Annie was born and brought up in Bombay, and her bakery, Baked with love by Annie. is based in Bombay. She is passionate about food photography and clicks pictures that she uploads on her page. She is known for her signature chocolate tart and buttercream floral cakes.

The Social media Sensation: Vishesh Khanna

It is usually said that people ignore their passion due to responsibilities. But eventually it comes back to you in one form or other. Vishesh Khanna is a living example of this statement. In this article, we are going to talk about how Visheshs passion brought him the recognition he never expected.

Natasha Gandhi- Food can Also Be A Passion

Natasha Gandhi is a renowned masterchef who is tempting people with her mouth relishing delicacies. She left her profession to practice something she had inner passion for. Her recipes are now widely loved and followed by a huge social media family of 103K.

Neha Kulkarni – An Inspirational Actor Born to Motivate Others

A rising star in action, Neha Kulkarni, talks about what inspired her to start @nasti_uthathev_. She has more than 157k followers. Neha is an actor, a model, and a groomer. She is young, but her inspiring words have already impressed a lot of people. Let's get to know Neha and her journey so far.

“My Dumbells Are Sharper than Red Lipstick” – SREEYA IYER.

Sreeya Iyer has always believed in herself and her fitness regime. From learning the work out from various people to now training a mass of people and inspiring everyday.

The self-made photographer – Avinash

Avinash Chaurasiya, also known as Mr.Khachack, is a self-made photographer. He was born and brought up in Mumbai.Avinash does photography with his Canon camera and Realme phone. He got the 2nd winner award from for his photograph named “Laal Ishq”.

Charuhas Pandit – Evolution Through an Innate Love for Arts!

Charuhas Pandit started with his interest in cartoons and gradually evolved with his urge for doing something different. This made him begin the woodcraft with laser technology that gained immense appreciation from people. He believed in continuous learning and efforts to excel in achieving success.

Sawan Chalise – Delhigrapher on a trail to explore Lip-smacking delicacies

Sawan Chalise is a delhi based food blogger. He started his stint into the social media industry by posting reviews on trip advisor and Zomato. And then took over the Instagram with a storm.

Instagram’s Dancing Queen – Snehal Tajane

At an early age of 26, Snehal has won the hearts of thousands followers on Instagram and is bustling day in and out to make her career. She believes this is the age to struggle and isnt distracted by young adulthood fads like weekend parties. A sneak peek into her daily schedule is an inspiration to all.

Shyam Ravishankar’s Musical Journey

Shyam Ravishankar is a Rockstar performer, engineer, digital marketing entrepreneur, and a cluster of positivity! Mixing his passion with profession.He garnered a huge fan following on Instagram just within 2 years due to his soothing music.

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