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Jack of All Trades – Garvita Goyal

Meet Garvita Goyal, a Chartered Accountant, Mom Blogger and an Entrepreneur. She also fondly rejoices singing and has completed her Bachelors of Music which...

“ Styling Is Imbibed Deep Down In My Soul” – Meghna Vachher

Meghna Vachher, socially called, Megs is an upcoming style icon. Born and raised in Gwalior, Meghna always had a knack for styling and dressing up. To live her passion to the fullest, she started her lifestyle blog. Now she gets to showcase her talent gracefully to a massive Instagram audience.

The Famed Author Behind The Marvellous Creation Of A Book Based On #METOO...

Karan Puri is a renowned author. His recent novel is based on the #metoo movement that was spread across the globe. He aimed to make a change through his book. And wanted to voice out the truth.

A Role Model and Inspiration – Vaishnavi Boora

A fitness coach and influencer with 196k followers on Instagram, Vaishnavi Boora is the brand ambassador of Myprotein India and has been featured in Forbes India. Being a mother and having faced numerous challenges in her life, today, she is thriving and thankful for her parents and husband.

A Lucknow Boy’s Awe-inspiring Journey to Fame – Abhijeet Kain

Abhijeet Kain elaborates on the significance of expanding your limitations, setting the preferences, and exploring what’s beyond the comfort zone. With half a million followers on TikTok and more than 2 lakh followers on Instagram, he keeps on shining through his impeccable talent of making people laugh on social media.

Anushka Rathod – Businessin’ My Way Through Life.

Anushka Rathod is a Business Instagram Influencer with more than 51,000 followers on the social media platform. Her uniquely styled videos about economics, business, and startups are engaging, informative, and relevant to people interested in learning about financial management. This article speaks about her interests, journey, struggles, and how she managed to become a successful influencer.

Turning passion into profession – Shilpi Ghosh

There is a lot to learn from the attributes that helped Shilpi become successful in her career. Consistent efforts, striving to excel, and the support of near and dear ones play a huge role.

Gurpreet – Balance of Career and Family

Gurpreet Ghura is a makeup artist. She is currently based in St. Louis. She is widely recognized in her field and has received several awards. She is a certified makeup trainer and grooming instructor. She travels to many cities and especially loves bridal makeup.

A Home Decor Enthusiast Embellishing Homes And Lives Parallel ! – Neha Anindya...

Neha Anindya Singh is a home decor and DIY enthusiast. She had a knack for styling since she was a kid. The passion for decor and styling persisted in her always and that led to the inception of Decorholics Abode and Neha's journey into the Home Decor Industry.

Lawyer Turned Ladypreneur – Shubhi Kapoor

Shubhi Kapoor is a lawyer and an entrepreneur. Hailing from Delhi, she always inhibited a knack for styling and jewellery. The creative bug in her led to the creation of Dulhanama. A venture catering to wedding jewelry. Her work is well recognised all over the world and she is embracing the success with grace.

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